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IMAAYA, the Gallery

Born in 2008 from the deep desire to highlight artists and visual artists, IMAAYA works every day to show and enhance what is done in Mauritius in all its geographical and cultural components, thus emphasizing on the strength, quality and importance of the Mauritian Art, representative of its island expressiveness.

Chosen, valued and staged in a professional way, supported by the energy and experience of the long-standing artists and the ambitious professionalism of the young ones, the entire current creative landscape, heralds exciting prospects for the years to come.

Initially located in Pointe aux Canonniers, the Gallery moved to Phoenix in 2015, to be closer to its artists and its public. With about fifty exhibitions and a sustained collaboration with some thirty artists, we are more convinced than ever that there is still much to see, create and discover thanks to the country’s artists.

The Choice Of Art Pieces

Our Personal Touch

Charlotte d’Hotman, who spends a lot of time in the artists’ workshops helping them develop their talents, hand-picks each artwork the Gallery sells. Our carefully selected art pieces ensure quality.

Our Dedication

Each exhibition requires months, often years, of dialogue with each artist to bring out their best and present the core of what the artist wants to portray. Each exhibition’s design considers aesthetic harmony, respect for the artwork, and the artist’s message.

The Artist’s Glow

Each IMAAYA show shines a light on an artist’s work at a certain moment. Several of them routinely offer solos, which the gallery communicates with the artist (meetings with journalists, production of catalogues and other accompanying documents, etc.).

Charlotte D'Hotman,

Founder of IMAAYA Gallery

Born to a Mauritian father and an English mother, Charlotte d’Hotman grew up in Mauritius. Upon her return to her native country after studying Art in London, she taught painting and artistic expression to children for a few years before opening the IMAAYA Gallery, with the idea of casting a spotlight on Mauritian talents. Over the years, IMAAYA has specialized in contemporary art, presenting with equal enthusiasm creations made using different contemporary methods: photography, painting, sculpture, drawing installation, video etc.

Outside Phoenix

Apart from the gallery in Phoenix , we also have a permanent exhibition space at the Hennessy Park Hotel, in Ebene and we participate throughout the year in the Wall Art of the Caudan Arts Centre in Port Louis.

Collaborations with Partners

The gallery, located in Phoenix, is also a continuous project: collaborations are numerous and most welcome. They take different forms, whether it is the curatorship, a consulting service on a specific project, the evaluation of art pieces, all this with various representatives of companies, hotels, restaurants, private homes or in foreign cultural structures.